Funny anonymous quotes

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Anonymous quotes are usually funnier than the others. You can often find them on walls or on the internet. Below you can read the funniest quotes that I have found…

Madness is hereditary. It goes from the children to their parents…

The money is not everything. Usually it is not even enough.

A communist is a person who has nothing and wants to share everything with the world.

A conservative is a person who admires the rebels, at least one hundred years after his death.

I want to be what I was before I became who I am.

-Dad, can socialis exist in one country?
-Yes, but we must find another country to live.

Writing about art is like dancing about architecture.

Bigamy is having one extra woman. Monogamy is exactly the same thing.

Marriage is the price which men pay for sex and sex is the price women pay for marriage.

Consistency is the art to evaluate how late someone comes in their appointment.

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