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Stage diving fail

What do you expect and you are diving from the stage? Of course for your fans to catch you. This time, though, the fans got scared and left the singer kiss the floor :D

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2 chickens break up rabbit fight!

In this video you will see a fight between 2 rabbits and the police, which in this case are 2 chickens, breaking the fight. It’s quite hilarious the whole situation. Check out how those...

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Funny Cats

Internet was made to serve videos of cats. Check out one of the funniest video with cats ever…

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Old man’s quiz

A young man and an old man are sitting next to each other on a long flight. The flight has Wi-Fi and the young man decides to have a little fun with his travel...

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Women are like balls

A 18 years old woman is like a soccer ball; 22 men are chasing her! A 28 years old woman is like a basketball ball; 10 men are chasing her! A 38 years old...