Airbus A380 cuts through clouds

The Airbus A380 is literally the largest jet airliner in the world. Check out how big it is, as it slices a cloud in two! Schipholhotspot is a huge airplane enthusiast who loves to record the planes at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. Check out the video below!

Antonio Toscano is a very special kind of director. He creates short films and parodies movie trailers using Legos and stop motion animation. As there is a such a big hubbub over the 50 Shades Of Grey movie debuting next week, this Lego trailer for the film has gone viral with over 2.5 million hits.…

The One Ring from Lord of the Rings explained

Even fans of the popular Lord of the Rings series can easily become confused and lost in the expansive world J. R. R. Tolkien created. Thankfully, CGP Grey has stepped forward to explain the complete story behind The One Ring in the video below. Hope all your questions about the One Ring are answered!  

How to peel a hard boiled egg with just a glass of water

Hard boiled eggs are great for breakfast or a for healthy snack. Peeling the shells can be a huge pain though. There’s a better way to peel the egg and it only takes a couple of seconds! Check out the video below and learn how to easily and quickly peel a hard boiled egg with…

Velassaru: An amazing island resort in Maldives

Who wouldn’t go on vacations in Maldives? Maldives is a great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. There are great places to stay in Maldives, but Velassaru is the most amazing one! Check out some cool pictures from this island resort in Maldives!

Lamb thinks she’s a dog!

This adorable lamb was adopted by animal lover Jemma Mackenzie at a very young age. Jemma had the sheep grow up with her four border collies, and now the lamb thinks she’s a dog! She does absolutely everything with her doggy family. Watch the adorable video below!

Animals of different species are best friends compilation

The folks at Android sure do understand the Internet. So when they asked their marketers to make a commercial, they made sure to include adorable animal friendships. To make it extra special, this new Android ad features animals friends who are different species. “Be together. Not the same.”

Train slams through giant snow drifts

Train enthusiast, Containerman2, captured a rare scene after his Canadian neighborhood was slammed by 3 great snow storms. At a train and road x-ing, a train travelling a high speeds slammed through the tall snow that was obstructing the tracks.

How green screen technology worked in the past

Today, even a teenager on YouTube using simple programs and cameras can make a video that back in the day would have cost a large Hollywood studio tens of thousands of dollar to make. We take for granted how easy it is to edit using a green screen. But what did they use before modern…

8 sick remedies that actually work

Winter is the height of cold and flu season. So when you have the sniffles at the office you are often swarmed with strange advice in what to do to feel better. While many home sick remedies are nonsense, there are a few that actually can help you fight that nasty cold, cough, and flu. Check…

Orange explosion in slow motion

Explosions are so much cooler when seen in slow motion. As Dima had a bag of oranges that went bad, he and Taras of Slow Mo Lab decided not to let them go all to waste and decided to take an orange and fill it with a fire cracker. The results are simply glorious! Watch…

Cat tries to dig her way out to the snow

Much of the US were hit by snow and blizzard like conditions. After one to two feet of snow, powerful winds made even taller snow drifts. After the snow finally calmed, James Gilfoy opened his front door to discover a four foot snow drift blocking his doorway. Thankfully, his cat was motivated to get out…

Epic Millennium Falcon Drone!

Like so many Star Wars fans out there, Olivier C is super excited about the new Star Wars film debuting later this year. To hold himself over, Olivier built an epic, homemade remote control Millennium Falcon using a quadcopter drone for the engine. The best part about it is the glowing engine bar! Check out…

30 most popular life hacks put to the test

There are a lot of “life hacks” out there, but most of them are just plain ridiculous. This video will show you which hacks actually have some credibility to them and which are total fails. Watch the video below!

Honest trailer of the LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie was unexpectedly one of the best films in 2014. Even though The Academy snubbed the film, kids and nostalgic adults alike couldn’t help but enjoy the CGI, stop-motion movie based around everyone’s favorite plastic building toy. The movie buffs at Screen Junkies teamed up with Epic Rap Battles of History to make…

Italian grandmother scores a strike on her first bowl ever!

Surprising as it may seem, this 84 year old Italian grandmother has never gone bowling before. So when she finally picked up her first bowling ball, Alberto Ascoli made sure to have the camera rolling. The entire family was simply shocked when she scored a strike! Watch the video below to check her amazing strike!

English Bulldog puppy loves his new bed

Chunk, a 4-month-old English Bulldog puppy, just got himself a brand new Memory Foam bed! Watch how the adorable little guy reacts after stepping into it for the first time.

Top 10 backups you should have

Backups are essential in our lives. You may have backups of your computer files in case a hard drive fails, but did you know you have to make backups which are not related to your computer? Check out this informative guide about the backups you should have in case of emergencies!